What files do I submit?

File types

eps, ai, pdf, jpg

Raster or Vector files?

File sizes

Raster files - When dealing with images with photographic elements, the larger the file the better. In most cases grabbing the company logo off your website header will not make for a great sign/banner/etc. When you take small files and scale them up for larger format printing you will see pixellation and poor image quality.

Vector files -


For embroidery we use dst files

Where can I find these files?

If you're not technically or graphically inclined and are unsure of where or how to find the files we need there are a couple of options for you to track them down.

Marketing Departments - If you are part of a large company you will be able to contact your marketing department and have them forward the files to us.

Who Designed Your Logo? - Whomever had designer your logo should have good quality files of your design.

Printer / Embroidery / Web -  Anyone that has done previous work for you should have copies of your digital files.

What if I can't find a good quality image?

Not to worry, we have in house designers to recreate your logo in an acceptable format. You will be billed for the design work at an hourly rate.

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